What about pre-packaged wipes/towelettes that contain disinfectant germicide solution? Are they an effective method of cleaning?
If used as specifically directed, wipes/towelettes are effective. However, we’ve found that many professionals who use this type of product in a dental/medical setting do not adequately wet the service of the area they are cleaning. They use far fewer wipes than the recommended amount per square inch, leaving their practice open to possible contamination issues.

Proper disinfection requires that “an abundant amount of solution” must be applied (the affected surface should be “glistening” with solution) and then remain on that surface for the specified time.

By the time the recommended numbers of cleansing wipes have been used for disinfection, the cost-per-use becomes very expensive. ICT offers an alternative with a concentrated solution that is cost effective, easier to use, and dispenses a proper amount of solution.


The T-E-C System was developed to give the best possible cleaning process (atomizing) while cutting immediate costs to dental offices with: labor savings (quicker to run, no clean-up or mess), and cleaning solution savings (no measuring or spilling and delivers the correct amount of solution every time).

The T-E-C System device used in conjunction with its specially formulated cleaning solution give the most technologically advanced surface contact for better and more efficient cleaning of the tubing and suction system’s interior parts. This results in the reduction of contaminated debris and potential clogging of your system.