“Every-Day” Enzymatic Instrument Cleaning-Solution,Presoak, Holding Solution, and Ultrasonic Solution

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OPTIZYME “Every-Day” is a fast-acting, specialized, enzymatic cleaning solution that is used to remove proteinaceous bioburden (such as blood, tissue, etc.) by way of chemical reaction (avoiding abrasive and/or corrosive action). OPTIZYME uses concentrations of Protease enzymes in a unique formulation that attacks the protein molecule at the molecular level (the Proteolysis process). It penetrates and breaks the peptide bonds that link the protein molecule’s individual compounds together. The protein molecule is then broken apart into its simpler compounds to be more easily detached and rinsed from delicate instruments. OPTIZYME’s liquid formulation allows it to access the instruments tiny lumens and crevices where bioburden may be harboring hazardous microbes.

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OPTIZYME was specially formulated for the needs of: OR, Sterile Central Processing, ER, and Anesthesiology departments. The concern of Instrument Cross contamination has become a priority for the patient as well as the healthcare professional. Pathogen harboring bioburden and debris may get trapped in the crevices, joints, and inner lumens of instruments. Bioburden and debris can harbor pathogens such as: HIV-1, Hepatitis A & B, E-Coli, and Staphyloccoccus aureus, just to name a few. Enzymatic products are extremely important in instrument processing due to their ability to attack proteins (blood, saliva, tissue, etc,) at the molecular level and break them apart, making them more easily rinsed away prior to disinfection and sterilization. OPTIZYME can penetrate those hard to reach places in instruments and help to dissolve, loosen, and flush, blood protein soils, and mucous.

OPTIZYME contains enzyme buffers and non-ionic detergents which create a low-sudsing neutral pH, solution that is effective, yet safe, for delicate instruments. The highly concentrated liquid OptiZyme solution is easy to dilute and doesn’t leave a sticky film or powdery residue like many other enzymatic cleaning products.

OPTIZYME is a concentrated solution and is available conveniently packaged for various departments and institutions in: 1-gallon bottles, 5-gallon mini-drum, 15-gallon drum, 30-gallon drum and 55-gallon drum, quantities. Special Order size: 1-oz individual

CLEANING is the Most Important Step in the Instrument Circulation Process. The first and often most vital step in any sterilization process is the removal of organic soils/bioburden.



OPTIZYME 1-Gall Bottle


OPTIZYME 5-Gal Mini-Drum


OPTIZYME 15-Gal Drum


OPTIZYME 30-Gal Drum


OPTIZYME 55-Gal Drum

Special Order

size: 1-oz individual