Surgical Milk

Concentrated Instrument Protectant


Surgical Milk (Instrument Milk) is a milky-solution dip used for the protection of your most precious surgical instruments.

To maintain free-working instruments and to protect from corrosion, immerse your instruments in ICT Surgical Milk (Instrument Milk) routinely.

This fabulous formulation of Surgical Milk (Instrument Milk) solution provides lubrication and corrosion control during autoclaving and storage. Immerse clean dry instruments for 30 seconds in the prepared luxurious milky bath giving every surface and joint the opportunity
to be coated with that silky-smooth protection.
Do not rinse — proceed with your autoclaving process.

More Information:

Surgical Milk (Instrument Milk) comes packaged for dentistry and medical use in a 1-gallon bottle of concentrate.

Prepare the protective bath using 1-part milk concentrate to 5-parts water. The mixed bath will last 5 days before needing to be replaced, (discard old solution and thoroughly rinse container/tub) and then re-mixed with a new silky-smooth batch.

Dilution rate: 1:5

Surgical Milk


1-gallon bottle of concentrate Makes 6-gallons of solution