GP Sonic

General Purpose Instrument Cleaning Solution for Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems


CLEANING is the Most Important Step in the Instrument Circulation Process. GP SONIC is a liquid concentrate for use in all Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems. This extraordinary formulation combines special surfactants and corrosion inhibitors that work in conjunction with the Ultrasonic wave action to achieve the best possible results from your Ultrasonic Instrument cleaning system. GP SONIC also contains special additives to assist in deterring microbial and odor escalation. It’s very light and fresh, clean scent won’t overpower personnel or dominate small work areas. GP SONIC is packaged for dentistry in convenient 1-gallon bottles of concentrate. This solution is perfect for individual medical office use as well as large hospital and institutional use.

More Information:

Mix 1-oz of concentrate per 32 ounces water.

Mix 4-oz of concentrate per 1-gallon water

Dilution rate: 1:32

All ultrasonic solutions should be changed daily or more often if processing large loads or visibly soiled instruments.

GP Sonic


GP Sonic Ultrasonic General Purpose Cleaning Solution 1-gallon bottle of concentrate