Infection Control Technology (ICT) understands that maintaining a clean, infection-free environment is imperative in protecting the health and welfare of your patients and employees. Cross contamination and infection control issues are an increasing concern in the industry, in the media, and among patients themselves. For your own peace of mind, you need to be certain that you are using the most effective products available.

Whether you are working in the dental or medical industry, or any other setting that requires reliable infection control/disinfectant solutions, ICT offers a variety of products that save time, are convenient and easy to use, and clean more effectively than competitive products (per independent government reports). In fact, ICT sets the “industry standard” as the manufacturer of many of the most prominent infection control products available today.

As an added bonus, our superior products are also more economical to use compared to other competitive products. ICT solutions come in concentrated, easy-to-mix formulas that are just as effective, or more effective, than competitive solutions.

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